Jack is the founder of D2able Interactive,Inc.

Jack was a broadcast engineer
Audio engineer / Live mixing / Protools mixdown

He also worked
as a motion graphic designer
making on-air promotion /
After Effects, Final Cut Pro

The last job as an enginner was
a VR/AR system specialist
making real-time mixed realistic NEWS videos /
Viz Artist 3.5 + Real-time CAM tracking
Smart device interaction

He is still transforming by studying in Web Design+New Media @AAU

First step to be a designer
Adobe Ps, Ai, Creative Suite
Logo / Branding
Interactive documentation

Learning Principles of UX
Research / Wireframe
Info. Architecture / Lo-fi mockup / Hi-fi mockup

Principles of Typography
Logo / Branding / Color & Concept
Infographics / Interactive content
InDesign / Illustrator

Logo / Branding / Color & Concept
Adobe After Effects

Team Project - UX
IA/Wireframe/Hi-fi mockup design
Presentation concept design/Task Flow

Inside Programming

First Web Design
Jack has never learned before designing this website

Web Technology
Responsive Web Design/

The founder of D2able Interactive has six years career VR/AR system director